Monday, October 22, 2007

Yesterday we went and saw Deepak Chopra for 10 bucks at an outdoor amphitheater... it was a lot of fun. He's like a comedian and we laughed so much. His talk was 3 hours long and very interesting. He talked a lot about the space between vibrations.... ORMUS????

Today I am starting to freak out. One lady in my due date club on a natural parenting forum... her water broke!! :O !!! I am SO not prepared for this! Today I'm going OCD and making a thousand lists with a timeline to do and get everything... eek.

We have 6 feral cats living in our backyard. We don't know what to do. There are no more no-kill shelters here that will accept them. Animal Control will bring cages and we have to trap them then they pick them up and put them up for adoption. We think we have to do that. They are completely wild, I can't risk being near them if they scratch or bite me and on top of that they are ruining the planting we have done in the backyard. David wanted to quit feeding them so they'd go away but the mother just sat on our doorstep waiting and I started bawling and couldn't go through with it. (she's been around here for years, the previous owner of the house fed her, she doesn't come anywhere near humans though.. we had no idea she had kittens too) The kittens are getting big -- they are sooo cute. :( The whole thing makes me sad.

I'm an bottomless pit today. I've only been up less than two hours and have eaten 4 pears, 2 apples, hot chocolate (cacao), chia with banana and lucuma and a lara bar. Whoa! Maybe it's time for another baby growth spurt...

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