Thursday, October 11, 2007

Yesterday David got me my xmas present early... I was so surprised because it is SO expensive... I have wanted one for a long time and he got the new one with 160gb (wayyy bigger than our computer...) I had just went through 4 portable cd players (I don't know what their problems were) listening to my Hypnobabies and Holosynch every day and I guess he decided enough is enough..

I love it. :)
I can't believe I have just a little over 2 months before baby (or, well, when baby says so). I'm feeling very un-prepared, even though all I do is read and prepare! My 2 sister's-in-law are having a baby shower for me next month, I hope people get cloth diapers and such that are on my registry.

This is still what I want to finish reading while the baby is still kickin' and punchin' away in me:


Tomorrow Raw Spirit YAY!!!!!!! Can't wait for the raw chocolate party with two of my favorite people EVER, David Wolfe and Nick Good. . . .

I made some super potent superfood balls to take for us 3 (me, D, babe). They have: cacao nibs, cacao powder, spirulina, Nature's First Food, maca, tocos, lecithin, hemp protein, Thor's protein powder, a LOT of bee pollen, agave, honey, reishi, cayanne, cinnamon, sea salt, chlorella, lucuma, mesquite powder, Greener Grasses, cacao hydrosol, coconut oil, carob, cacao butter, macadamia nuts, brazil nuts, biodynamic raisons... whew... I think that's it!

And they actually taste good.

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