Saturday, November 3, 2007

Gilcrease Orchard

So, for raw vegans we decided it was pretty ridiculous that we haven't visited the only farm/orchard here in the valley and went today. It's the end of the season and they are about to close for the winter, so we missed all the fruits. But, we got a lot of tomatoes, zucchinis (check out the monsters!) and squashes. It was SO much fun digging around for stuff. I can't wait for May. We're going to make it a regular weekly habit to go and take the kid - how wonderfully healthy to really see where you're food comes from and pick it yourself.
All that for eighteen bucks. I mean, at Whole Foods that would be at least 50 hehehe :)

I'm having a rough time with contractions (um.. it's actually "pressure waves" with my Hypnobabies course - - which I LOVE... self-hypnosis for birthing..) it's just soooo amazing that we are having a baby next month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whenever I feel scared I just remember to look at my hand lol...

I'll explain later..

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